September 12 -  Final Jackpot: $25,719  |  Card Drawn: Ace of Diamonds

Prize Awarded: $12,859.50  |  Ticket B-100020301

Congratulations to our winner Sylvia Bogoros from Calgary

Thank you for participating in Calgary Stampede’s Chase the Ace this summer!


No current event scheduled. Please check back later.
Largest Jackpot to Date: $324,452

How does the CHASE THE ACE raffle work?

1. Buy a Ticket
Each ticket is valid for the current daily draw

2. Win at Least 25% of Pot
Winner also qualifies to participate in the Draw for an Ace

3. Find Ace to Win 50% of Pot
Any Ace drawn doubles prize to half of pot

4. Big Jackpots
No Ace drawn rolls the prize over to the next daily draw